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Start Your Career in the Skies with Cabin Crew Training at INFOHAS

Do you dream of jet-setting around the world as part of a cabin crew? INFOHAS, the leading cabin crew academy in Morocco, can make your dream a reality.

Our intensive cabin crew training program gives you all the skills and certification needed to launch your career upon graduation.

At INFOHAS, you’ll gain:

– In-depth aviation safety and security training to handle in-flight emergencies
– Customer service excellence to provide 5-star care at 35,000 feet
– First aid and CPR knowledge to respond to health issues onboard
– Proficiency in service standards and onboard responsibilities
– Fluency in English and other languages of the skies

With instructors who have real-world cabin crew expertise, INFOHAS delivers training matched to the latest industry requirements.

Our modern Rabat campus and airline-style cabin equipment also prepare you for the demands of life in-flight.

Ready to take off into an exciting career above the clouds? Contact INFOHAS today to schedule a campus tour or apply to our accredited cabin crew program.

Inflight Services Course

The cabin crew inflight service course teaches students the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the airline industry. It covers safety, customer service, food and beverage service, and more, preparing students for a rewarding career as a flight attendant.

Dangerous Goods & CRM

The Dangerous Goods course covers regulations and safety for handling hazardous materials. It prepares Cabin crew, Ground handling agent and Maritime agents for logistics and supply chain careers involving hazardous goods transport and handling.

First Aid course

First Aid Course

The cabin crew first aid course equips individuals with essential skills to handle inflight medical emergencies, including CPR and injury treatment, ensuring passenger safety and well-being.

Hospîtality course

Airport Customer Service Course

The Airport Customer Service Course prepares individuals for customer-facing roles in the aviation industry. It covers communication skills, conflict resolution, and other essential techniques for delivering excellent customer service.

Hospitality Customer Services

“Join our Hospitality Customer Services course to master the art of providing excellent customer service and creating positive experiences for guests in the hospitality industry. Let’s get started!”

Full Cabin crew courses

“Embark on an exciting journey with our Cabin Crew course. Learn the skills needed to provide safe, comfortable, and exceptional service to airline passengers. Ready for takeoff?”


Start Your Journey to the Skies at INFOHAS, the Premier Cabin Crew Academy

At INFOHAS, your training goes beyond the classroom to prepare you for cabin crew success.

Our modern Rabat campus provides:

– State-of-the-art cabin mockups for realistic training
– Flight simulators to master safety protocols
– Customer service labs to hone your hospitality skills

Additionally, you’ll learn from experienced cabin crew instructors who know firsthand how to excel in-flight. Their real-world expertise ensures you meet all the latest industry standards.

Once you’ve completed our accredited program, our career services team will assist with airline recruitment and job placement. We’ve helped graduates launch their careers at the top Moroccan and international carriers.

When you train at INFOHAS, you join an elite group of cabin crew students and alumni focused on pursuing their dreams. Become part of our community and let us put you on the path to an exciting career in the skies!

Get started by scheduling a campus tour today. We can’t wait to welcome you into our cabin crew family!